Anna Cole

Founder & Chief People Officer

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Anna and Bryce Cole

Bryce & Anna Cole

Born and raised in New Jersey, Anna spent her formative years taking the train to and from the nation’s top foodie destinations. Every trip was an inspiration. Little wonder that the moment she was old enough to apply for a job in the industry, she donned an apron at a Tex-Mex restaurant and never looked back.

A voracious learner and a people person, Anna spent her teens and twenties juggling a fast-paced career in the foodservice industry with a demanding study schedule. She received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and International Business from Iona College, then completed a Master’s in HR Management and a Certificate in International Business while working every conceivable role from the front to back-of-house.

Her post-college life took her to the gastronomic wonderland of Austin, Texas, before returning to New York City with SSP America, where she worked as an HR generalist overseeing more than 700 union employees and 80 non-union management employees. She continued to build her skills at firms including nutraceutical company Lycored and tech firm Expereo. She managed the entire Americas team while also developing and implementing new initiatives to recruit and retain incredible team members.

After jointly founding Cole Hospitality with CEO Bryce, today Anna wears many Leadership hats for Cole Hospitality, overseeing HR, payroll, marketing, training, and culture with her unique brand of warmth and can-do attitude, the group has gone from strength to strength thanks to its strong company culture, passionate leadership and shared appetite for bringing people together over authentic, varied but always impeccable dining experiences.